New Testament Powerpoints

Community Service Sheets
New Testament Note Sheets
Bibliography for Entire Series
Essay Rubric

These are .pdf files of each powerpoint

Unit One: Class Intro

Lesson One: New Testament Class
Lesson Two: God's Plan
Lesson Three: JoGoF

Unit Two: Synoptic Gospels

Lesson Four: Synoptic
Book One: Matthew
Book Two: Mark
Book Three: Luke
TEST (locked)
RETAKE (locked)

Unit Three: John

Book Four: John
TEST (locked)
RETAKE (locked)

Unit Four: Acts

Book Five: Acts
TEST (locked)

Unit Five: The Pauline Epistles

Intro to Pauline Epistles

TEST (locked)

Unit Six: The Early Pauline Epistles

Book Nine: Galatians
Book Thirteen: I Thessalonians
Book Fourteen: II Thessalonians
TEST (locked)

Unit Seven: The Major Pauline Epistles

Book Six: Romans
Book Seven: I Corinthians
Book Eight: II Corinthians
TEST (locked)

Unit Eight: The Prison Pauline Epistles

Book Ten: Ephesians
Book Eleven: Philippians
Book Twelve: Colossians
Book Eighteen: Philemon
TEST (locked)

Unit Nine: The Pastoral Pauline Epistles

Book Fifteen: I Timothy
Book Sixteen: II Timothy
Book Seventeen: Titus
TEST (locked)

Unit Ten: Hebrews

Book Nineteen: Hebrews
QUIZ (locked)

Unit Eleven: The General Letters

Book Twenty: James
Book Twenty-One: I Peter
Book Twenty-Two: II Peter
Book Twenty-Three: I John
Book Twenty-Four: II John
Book Twenty-Five: III John
Book Twenty-Six: Jude
TEST (locked)

Unit Twelve: Revelation

Book Twenty-Seven: Revelation
TEST (locked)

Discussion Questions

Matthew through Acts

Old Testament Powerpoints

Community Service Sheets
Old Testament Note Sheets
Bibliography for Entire Series
Essay Rubric

These are .pdf files of each powerpoint

Unit One: Class Intro

Lesson One: LCMS

Unit Two A: Torah

Book One Part One: Genesis 1-11
Book One Part Two: Genesis 12-25
Book One Part Three: Genesis 25-50
Book Two Part One: Exodus 1-14
Book Two Part Two: Exodus 15-40
TEST (locked)

Unit Two B: Torah

Book Three: Leviticus
Book Four: Numbers
Book Five: Deuteronomy
TEST (locked)

Unit Three: War

Book Six: Joshua
Book Seven: Judges
TEST (locked)

Unit Four: Histories

Book Eight : Ruth
Book Nine: I Samuel
Book Ten: II Samuel
Book Eleven: I Kings
Book Twelve: II Kings
Book Thirteen: I Chronicles
Book Fourteen: II Chronicles
TEST (locked)

Unit Five: Archetypes

Book Fifteen: Ezra
Book Sixteen: Nehemiah
Book Seventeen: Esther
Book Eighteen: Job
TEST (locked)

Unit Six: Wisdom

Book Nineteen: Psalms
Book Twenty: Proverbs
Book Twenty-one: Ecclesiastes
Book Twenty-two: Song of Songs
TEST (locked)

Unit Seven: Major Prophets

Book Twenty-three: Isaiah
Book Twenty-four: Jeremiah
Book Twenty-five: Lamentations
Book Twenty-six: Ezekiel
Book Twenty-seven: Daniel
TEST (locked)

Unit Eight: Minor Prophets

Book Twenty-eight: Hosea
Book Twenty-nine: Joel
Book Thirty: Amos
Book Thirty-One: Obadiah
Book Thirty-Two: Jonah
Book Thirty-Three: Micah
Book Thirty-Four: Nahum
Book Thirty-Five: Habakkuk
Book Thirty-Six: Zephaniah
Book Thirty-Seven: Haggai
Book Thirty-Eight: Zechariah
Book Thirty-Nine: Malachi
TEST (locked)

More Files

LLDQs: Ruth through Esther

LLDQs: Whole Third Trimester: Job through Malachi

Joshua Worksheet

Minor Prophets So Far Worksheet

Life Lessons Books 1-5

Physical Science


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Atomic Theory I (old)
Atomic Theory (REVISED 04/22)(old)

Practice Tests

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6 Test (pdf)
Chapter 16 Test
Chapter 17 Test
Chapter 18 Test
Chapter 19 Test
Chapter 20 Test
Chapter 21 Quiz (just 10 questions)

Worksheets & Assignments

1-1 and 1-2 Board Problems
Radiation 100 Word Report
Fukushima 100 Word Report
Balancing Chemical Equations WS (answers on page two)
Mr. Martin's Atom Map(pdf)
Elements 104 to 118 Spreadsheet 2011(pdf)
Structure of Matter Worksheet p.1 of 2
Structure of Matter Worksheet p.2 of 2
Quarks Double-Sided Worksheet p. 1 of 2
Quarks Double-Sided Worksheet p. 2 of 2
Elements Reports
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Egg Drop Instructions


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6th Grade Math

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Typing Web


Yearbook Avenue

Science Club

Theseus and the Minotaur
Paper Airplane Simulator
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