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New Testament Powerpoints

September '14 Calendar
Community Service Sheets
New Testament Note Sheets
Bibliography for Entire Series
Essay Rubric

These are .pdf files of each powerpoint

Unit One: Class Intro

Lesson One: New Testament Class
Lesson Two: God's Plan
Lesson Three: JoGoF

Unit Two: Synoptic Gospels

Lesson Four: Synoptic
Book One: Matthew
Book Two: Mark
Book Three: Luke
TEST (locked)
RETAKE (locked)

Unit Three: John

Book Four: John
TEST (locked)
RETAKE (locked)

Unit Four: Acts

Book Five: Acts
TEST (locked)

Unit Five: The Pauline Epistles

Intro to Pauline Epistles

TEST (locked)

Unit Six: The Early Pauline Epistles

Book Nine: Galatians
Book Thirteen: I Thessalonians
Book Fourteen: II Thessalonians
TEST (locked)

Unit Seven: The Major Pauline Epistles

Book Six: Romans
Book Seven: I Corinthians
Book Eight: II Corinthians
TEST (locked)

Unit Eight: The Prison Pauline Epistles

Book Ten: Ephesians
Book Eleven: Philippians
Book Twelve: Colossians
Book Eighteen: Philemon
TEST (locked)

Unit Nine: The Pastoral Pauline Epistles

Book Fifteen: I Timothy
Book Sixteen: II Timothy
Book Seventeen: Titus
TEST (locked)

Unit Ten: Hebrews

Book Nineteen: Hebrews
QUIZ (locked)

Unit Eleven: The General Letters

Book Twenty: James
Book Twenty-One: I Peter
Book Twenty-Two: II Peter
Book Twenty-Three: I John
Book Twenty-Four: II John
Book Twenty-Five: III John
Book Twenty-Six: Jude
TEST (locked)

Unit Twelve: Revelation

Book Twenty-Seven: Revelation
TEST (locked)

Discussion Questions

Old Testament Powerpoints

Community Service Sheets
Old Testament Note Sheets
Bibliography for Entire Series
Essay Rubric

These are .pdf files of each powerpoint

Unit One: Class Intro

Lesson One: LCMS

Unit Two A: Torah

Book One Part One: Genesis 1-11
Book One Part Two: Genesis 12-25
Book One Part Three: Genesis 25-50
Book Two Part One: Exodus 1-14
Book Two Part Two: Exodus 15-40
TEST (locked)

Unit Two B: Torah

Book Three: Leviticus
Book Four: Numbers
Book Five: Deuteronomy
TEST (locked)

Unit Three: War

Book Six: Joshua
Book Seven: Judges
TEST (locked)

Unit Four: Histories

Book Eight : Ruth
Book Nine: I Samuel
Book Ten: II Samuel
Book Eleven: I Kings
Book Twelve: II Kings
Book Thirteen: I Chronicles
Book Fourteen: II Chronicles
TEST (locked)

Unit Five: Archetypes

Book Fifteen: Ezra
Book Sixteen: Nehemiah
Book Seventeen: Esther
Book Eighteen: Job
TEST (locked)

Unit Six: Wisdom

Book Nineteen: Psalms
Book Twenty: Proverbs
Book Twenty-one: Ecclesiastes
Book Twenty-two: Song of Songs
TEST (locked)

Unit Seven: Major Prophets

Book Twenty-three: Isaiah
Book Twenty-four: Jeremiah
Book Twenty-five: Lamentations
Book Twenty-six: Ezekiel
Book Twenty-seven: Daniel
TEST (locked)

Unit Eight: Minor Prophets

Book Twenty-eight: Hosea
Book Twenty-nine: Joel
Book Thirty: Amos
Book Thirty-One: Obadiah
Book Thirty-Two: Jonah
Book Thirty-Three: Micah
Book Thirty-Four: Nahum
Book Thirty-Five: Habakkuk
Book Thirty-Six: Zephaniah
Book Thirty-Seven: Haggai
Book Thirty-Eight: Zechariah
Book Thirty-Nine: Malachi
TEST (locked)

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